Call Screen’s Record Audio Option Has Vanished on Some Pixel Phones

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 14 Feb 2020

One of the coolest features of new Pixel 4/ 4XL is the call recording option for the Call Screen. The feature allows Google Assistant to screen phone calls from unknown callers. Previously, the Call Screen was exclusive for Pixel 4 but recently it was extended to all Pixel phones.

In a bid to tackle robocalls, Google is adding a new feature called automatic Call Screen. It will be available on Pixel 4 in the U.S and is capable of blocking spam calls. The best part is that spam calls are blocked even before it rings. Meanwhile, if the call is deemed important, then Google will add a “helpful context about who is calling and why.”

Google’s Call Screen not only flagged robocalls but also saved a transcript. Furthermore, the feature also recorded calls which you could listen to at a later stage. Some users are reporting that Call Screen audio has vanished. The reports say that the feature is missing from all Pixel 4 devices and also Pixel 3.

Meanwhile, Google’s support documentation mentions the missing feature. In all likelihood, this is just a bug. That being said, the Call Screen feature still works fine when it comes to flagging off robocalls. If you happen to own a Pixel phone, head over to the Phone app> Settings>Spam and Call Screen. Now check whether “Save Call Screen audio” is available or not.

We hope that Google is working on resolving the issue and bringing back call recording to Call Screen. Recording screened calls is seemingly a very useful feature. Until fixed, you will have to go through transcripts of each call.

[via Android Police]