Lost Pixel Watch Prototype Confirms Several Design Leaks

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 25 Apr 2022

Leaked Pixel Watch 7

Last week, a leaked render gave us a clue about what the highly-anticipated Google Pixel Watch could look like. However, the leak left several unanswered questions. The wearable has been spotted in the flesh after it was allegedly left behind by accident at a bar.

Interestingly, the images of the Pixel Watch seem to corroborate renders of the device shared by leaker Jon Prosser last year. Google has opted for a circular watch face with a steeply curved outer edge of the glass. The watch’s case is somewhat thick, and it has a digital crown on the right-hand side. Assuming the Pixel Watch will rival the Apple Watch when it hits store shelves in the near future, it is reasonable to expect a degree of feature parity and similarity in design.

Like the Apple Watch, the Pixel Watch will allow swapping of the watch bands like the blue one pictured below. Other design elements spotted include a hole for a microphone just above the digital crown and two buttons above and below the microphone hole.

Accompanying the leaks is an exciting story of how the Pixel Watch made its way into the hands of a commoner who leaked the photos of the wearable. The images were first shared on Android Central. Subsequently, a Reddit thread from the person who supplied the publication with the photos was discovered. The Redditor claims that a friend who works at the bar found the abandoned Pixel Watch. The employee kept the watch with them for several days hoping Google or the owner would contact them for it. However, when nobody showed up, the employee shared the pictures with the Redditor.

The story seems like a red herring and bears a striking similarity to one of the most significant leaks of its time — the iPhone 4. The device was also leaked online after an employee forgot it at a bar.

What do you think of the story behind the leak? Would you wear the leaked Pixel Watch on your wrist? Tell us in the comments section below.

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