10 times when texting is better than calling

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At 29, I’m just barely considered a millennial. I still remember a time when the only phones we had were landlines and I don’t fully understand Snapchat, yet I’m addicted to my smartphone and taking selfies. So I’m millennial-ish.

But there is one millennial behavior I (much to my mother’s dismay) fully embrace: Texting instead of calling.

I hate when people call me. Hate. And I’m not exaggerating. I personally believe that phone calls are unnecessary at best and a huge inconvenience at worst. You may not be fully on board the texting-only train, but here are 10 times I’m pretty sure we’d all rather get a text instead of a phone call.

At work

Employers usually frown upon employees taking personal calls on the clock. But personal texts? Well, who really knows what you’re doing with your phone under your desk?

In a meeting

Your coworkers’ response when you get a phone call in a meeting:

Your coworkers’ response when you get a text in a meeting:

In the bathroom

No matter how you cut it, talking on the phone in the bathroom is the most awkward situation ever.

At the gym

If you pick up, people will know you’re not really working out. But if you’re texting, people will assume the best: you’re probably just changing your playlist, or looking up your next exercise.

While you’re driving

Sure, your car has a hands-free phone connection. But would you spend your 45-minute commute listening to awesome music and/or informative audiobooks…or to your mom?

I'm not suggesting you text and drive. I'm suggesting you get a text, calmly ignore it, and check it when you get where you're going.

When you’re overseas

There’s a reason we have OTT messaging apps, mom! International phone calls are still hella expensive!

Right before bed

You’re winding down, playing some games and checking emails before you’re about to hit the sack, when you get a phone call. To answer or not to answer? You don’t have time for this!

In the middle of the night

I don’t know about you, but if anyone calls me in the middle of the night, I immediately assume that someone has died.

Early in the morning

Oh, sorry, did I wake you?

Yes. Yes you did.

After someone sends you a text message

If I send you a text message, I do not want you to call me back. I want you to text me back!!

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