10 reasons to let your phone go ‘naked’

Stop ruining your sexy phone with an ugly case.

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What’s the first thing you do when you buy a new phone? Let me guess: you put a case on it. Heck, you probably make the salesperson put the case on it so you can’t be held liable if it drops during transfer.

Smartphones are expensive (especially now that wireless companies no longer offer subsidized devices), so I understand the urge to protect that investment with a case. But cases are unnecessary, ugly, and totally overrated. Here’s why you should take my advice* and let your phone run free and naked, the way it was meant to be.

* I am not a professional phone protection consultant. It’s your own fault if you take my advice and break your phone.

Your phone is thin, lightweight, and sexy

Until you slap a huge ultra-protective waterproof case on it, that is. Sure, now your phone can withstand a drop from a 2-story building, but it’s also two inches thick and weighs 2 pounds.

You specifically held out for the gold version

I don’t understand people who wait months to get the pretty gold version of a smartphone…only to immediately cover up every gold part with a dull gray case.

Cases are expensive

A high-quality, attractive, protective case will probably run you at least $30, if not more. Would you rather spend $30 on a case, or have $30 in your pocket?

Your phone is more likely to be lost or stolen than dropped

I’ve misplaced my phone at least 8,000 times in the last year. I’ve dropped it once.

…and when you drop it, the screen breaks

The most fragile part of your smartphone—the screen—isn’t even covered by that thin case you bought. Sure, a case that covers the edges of the phone can help keep the screen intact, but the one time I did drop my phone, the screen broke. And it had a case on it. So, thanks a lot, case.

A case could help your phone overheat

If your phone is having a battery issue and overheating, a case could actually be a liability. The last thing you want is for your phone to overheat and die because that uber-protective case held all the heat in.

It could mess up your photos

Get the wrong third-party case, and it could seriously screw up your photos, which, as we all know, are the only photos anybody has anymore. We recently discovered that some third-party cases cover the Nexus 6P’s laser autofocus sensor, and other cases can be too reflective and cause your phone’s flash to bounce all over the place.

It could mess up your phone calls

Some third-party cases can mess with your phone’s antenna. Some might cover up important areas like primary or secondary microphones. And if you think you’re going to use a headset with your phone, better check that your case has enough room for you to plug into the headphone jack.

Cases make your phone dirty

Our phones are really disgusting and dirty already. The last thing we need is a case where dirt, dust, pet hair, and all the gross germs that we never wipe off the surface of our phones can get trapped and fester.

You’re going to buy a new phone next year, anyway

The second you start lusting after a new device, your old phone basically becomes invincible. You couldn’t break it if you set it on fire and threw it off the Empire State building.

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