Here’s what Marshmallow brings to Android ar

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 19 Nov 2015

Marshmallow is about to get squeezed onto your wrist.

detailed the A 23 SDK for developers, which will enable new features that work on watches running the Android ar version of Marshmallow. You’ll see the improved permissions model the ability to use optimized images for round or rectangular watch faces.

so, those with an tch Urbane E second edition other speaker-enabled watches will soon get to put them to better use, as the new A allows developers to play audio files.

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Android’s new granular permissions model will make its way to watches.

en Marshmallow does hit your watch, you’ll have some new wrist gestures to learn. For example, you’ll be able to open the apps menu by holding your arm in front of you quickly pushing down, then bringing it back to the original position. To pull down the settings, you can slowly turn your wrist away from you quickly flick it back towards you. 

If nothing else, perhaps these new gestures will help you meet those fitness goals in the newest version of Fit. You can see the current list of gestures on the Android ar help site.

The impact on you: The new gestures add some nice (although weird) functionality, the exped permissions are certainly welcome. Unlike with phones, you should see the update sooner rather than later, since Android ar doesn’t have the same fragmentation problem as phones tablets. th the holiday season approaching, many Android users may see a wrist-friendly gift from Santa get to try these out.