Fit update adds more workout tools, improved Android ar integration

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 20 Nov 2015

Fit is getting an early start on all those New Year’s resolutions.

The latest update to ‘s fitness app brings a number of new features that can make it a more involved part of your workout routine. says the app now provides real-time stats for runs, walks, or bike rides while also tracking data like the speed, pace, route, elevation of your journey. 

Fit also pulls in data from a larger group of app hardware partners to track your diet: MyFitnesslFatsecretfesum,  seIt are on the list. You can also track your sleep or other movements with Sleep as AndroidXiaomi Mi B Mi B 1SSony Smartb 2, or the Basis ak.

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The Fit app now has a more robust feature set for tracking your workouts.

Some of these features are already in ‘s My Tracks app. But with Fit getting the bigger push, My Tracks could be on the way out.

There’s also a new, digital watch face that joins an existing traditional face. Each offer a color-coded circle to indicate how active you’ve been that day.

There’s also a new series of workout challenges. You can push yourself to do more push-ups, sit-ups, squats, or other painful activities. Each of the challenges put you on a 30-day course to ramp up the number of physical feats you can perform. en you’re punishing yourself, your Android ar watch can track your progress.

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The Android ar app can track your push-ups, sit-ups, other fitness challenges.

For all the latest goodies, you’ll need Fit version 1.55 from the ay Store or A Mirror.

y this matters: Fit is slowly growing into a helpful hub for all your health workout data. ile these additions give Fit a more complete feature set, the app’s main strength is how other fitness platforms can share their data with Fit, so all your information is stored in one place.