Samsung’s newest Gear VR is now up for preorder

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 11 Nov 2015

Updated 11/11/15: Best Buy originally posted that their offer would include a 16GB micro SD card of content. This is not the case, has been removed from the post.

Samsung’s improved, cheaper mobile VR headset is ready for the taking. ll, the ordering, anyway.

You can pre-order the new Gear VR directly from Best Buy for $99.99. Unlike the developer-oriented unit that Samsung let out into the wild last year, the new hardware works with the Galaxy S6, S6 ge, S6 ge+, Note 5. 

Samsung hasn’t indicated if it will work with future smartphones, as we’ll certainly see another round of Galaxy devices at some point in 2016. However, Samsung has promised a lot of content, such as Netflix, Twitch, Vimeo, Hulu streaming. 

The Samsung Gear VR has a release date of November 20. 

y this matters: th such a low entry-point on price, the Gear VR is a pretty solid way to get your first taste of virtual reality. Of course, the budget price of the headset is offset by the $600+ phone you need to use it with. Of course if you want to go even cheaper, there’s Cardboard, which is compatible with practically any modern smartphone. There’s a lot of momentum around this technology. For example, YouTube recently announced you can reconfigure any video for VR.