YouTube app dives deep into VR with new Cardboard support

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 5 Nov 2015

YouTube wants to get you close personal with virtual reality.

announced that the YouTube Android app now support videos shot specifically for VR will reformat anything in the vault for replay on a Cardboard-compatible viewer.

You can try it out with a couple of videos designed just for these tricks, like The Hunger Games Virtual Reality Experience the Toms Shoes Giving Trip

youtube cardboard YouTube

YouTube now supports videos shot specifically for VR.

ile YouTube has supported 360-degree videos for a while, the new VR videos are specifically designed for use with a set of VR goggles.

If you want to go deeper into the VR rabbit hole, you’re now able to watch any YouTube video with your VR viewer. en you launch a new video in the Android app just touch the Cardboard icon it will reconfigure itself. The video still plays in 2D, albeit in a “virtual theater.”

youtube vr mode YouTube

Any video on YouTube will now reformat for your VR viewer.

also threw in some updates to the Cardboard app, such as a splashy new introduction video more realistic screenshots for other apps that work with Cardboard. 

To get going with all the new goodies in the YouTube Android app, you can grab the latest version from the  ay Store or A Mirror.

y this matters: is making a big push into virtual reality with its Cardboard effort, which is an open source low cost model for VR goggles. The technology is pretty new (although there are some good apps to try out), so time will tell if this is really the future or another fad.