Class may be the newest mid-range device with a giant screen

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 16 Sep 2015

There’s no shortage of Android phones out there, but we’re about to have more thanks to . 

The company sent a teaser for a new device it’s set to unveil on September 21. Shortly thereafter is another event extravaganza on Oct. 1, where might show off the V10, which is rumored to have some type of always-on “ticker” display. 

According to another leak, the “something new” is the Class. It appears to be another mid-range smartphone with a 5.7-inch display, Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM. It’s also expected to feature 8GB internal storage, a 12Mcamera come with Android 5.1.1.

That puts it squarely in mid-range territory, as devices like the Galaxy Note 5 offer 4GB of RAM an Exynos processor that arguably outperforms the Snapdragon 810. From the rendering it’s impossible to tell if this is all-metal or some type of silverized plastic. Fortunately, we’ll know the truth soon.

y this matters: is worth paying attention to as they make some of the better cameras out there, as evidenced by the excellent shooter in the G4. However, not everyone is after a flagship phone, which is why we often see many different devices from such companies who want to appeal to all buyers market their phones internationally.