10 New Emojis Android Users Need

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 1 May 2015

Android is a little behind the times when it comes to emojis. While the standard keyboard features them, they’re not nearly as prominent as Apple’s emoji keyboard. Maybe that’s because there aren’t enough Android-friendly emojis, though. Where’s my SD card emoji? Or the ten dessert-themed Android version emoji? Here are 10 emojis Android users would totally use maybe.

MicroSD Card Emoji

thelist new emoji microsd card

Use this when your iOS friends ask you which iPhone they should buy, the 64GB or the 128GB.

What’s that? I can’t hear you over all my cheap extra storage space.

Alarm Volume Emoji

thelist new emoji alarm volume 1

For when your friend’s iPhone alarm goes off at full volume they need to turn it down.

Or when your friend sleeps in because their alarm didn’t go off.

Phone Battery Emoji

I don’t have a charger with me, I’ll just change my battery.

NFC Emoji

thelist new emoji nfc

Sure, the iPhone 6 has NFC, but only for Apple Pay. Android have NFC for everything!

Android Lollipop Emoji

thelist new emoji lollipop

Do you have lollipop yet? NO, NOT YET.

Micro USB Cable Emoji

thelist new emoji microusb cable

I’m running out of Battery Power, does anyone have a Micro USB cable?

Android Auto Emoji

Don’t worry, Mom, I’m not texting while driving, I’m using my Android Auto to text you!

Mom, How are you making those little pictures in the messages?!

Other App Stores Emoji

thelist new emoji app stores

Can’t find it on Play? No worries, you have options!

Don’t Have that App Emoji

thelist new emoji dont have that app

Okay, there are times when Android has its downsides. Like when your friend says you have to play Rules!, and you respond with this emoji.

Android is Better than Apple Emoji

Because you should be able to win this argument without saying any words at all.