Android ar llipop update looks like a big boost to usability

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 12 Nov 2014

Android ar smartwatches should be a lot more pleasant to use following an update to Android 5.0 llipop.

roid claims to have seen the updated software, says that several usability improvements new features are on the way.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s reportedly coming to Android ar next:

  • Android ar’s companion smartphone app will get battery stats, a storage monitor the ability to set watch faces through the app.
  • is putting out a slew of new watch faces along with an official A so developers can create their own. tch faces will also get the ability to display weather notifications.
  • Users who dismiss a notification by accident can swipe up to see an “Undo” option.
  • Swiping down from the watch face will no longer go directly to silent mode. Instead, it’ll bring up some quick toggles that users can swipe through, including a “theater mode” (which turns off the display until users double-tap it), a bright “sunlight” mode, the silencer a settings shortcut.
  • Swiping down from the voice comm prompt will show apps in the order in which they’ve been used, rather than a static list.
  • Vision impaired users can make text larger, invert colors or enable magnification gestures.
roid wear 5.0 lollipop watchface roid

A new official watch A will let users create tons of new watchfaces with neat features like weather icons.

According to roid, the llipop update could arrive in early December. An update last month added local music storage support for G (though only one Android ar watch offers location tracking at the moment).

y this matters: Android ar has plenty of promise, but it also had its fair share of rough edges missing features when it launched over the summer. If roid’s report is accurate, ’s next update should cut down on some of Android ar’s more frustrating elements, girding the company its hardware partners for the Apple tch assault next year.