Sony Smarttch 3 arrives for $250 with a focus on fitness

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 11 Nov 2014

Sony’s fitness-focused Smarttch 3 is now on sale in the ay Store, with a $250 price tag. ile that’s on the high side for an Android ar watch—especially one without premium materials such as aluminum or leather—Sony’s watch is the only one with full waterproofing G, taking advantage of a recent Android ar update.

The Smarttch 3 is rated to I8, which means it’s protected against dust can withst being submerged in up to 3 meters of water. Meanwhile, the G tracker lets runners record the distance traveled route taken without having to bring a smartphone with them. It also allows for more accurate location details in apps like Golfshot.

Aside from these two features, the Smartwatch 3 is a lot like other Android ar watches. It has the same basic tech specs, including 4 GB of storage (for apps offline music playback ) 512 MB of RAM. It can show actionable notifications from a paired phone execute basic voice comms such as text messaging checking the weather.

The only other notable thing is that the watch face pops off from the plastic b, potentially letting users swap in a different color strap or clip. But for now, is only offering the Smartwatch 3 in black. Sony’s website lists additional straps in pink white, but isn’t currently selling them.

y this matters: The nice thing about Android ar is that it allows for lots of devices from different manufacturers, each with their own style features that cater to a particular niche. Though we weren’t overly impressed with the Smarttch 3’s looks when Sony announced the watch in September, it may still appeal to users who want offline music playback G tracking on a single device.