Send text messages straight from the desktop with shbullet update

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 5 Nov 2014

shbullet performs a ton of useful tasks, connecting your Android phone with your desktop browser to sync notifications texts. An update dnesday now lets you send out SMS messages through shbullet’s Chrome extension.

You could already reply to incoming messages by pairing shbullet with EvolveSMS, so the ability to send off new ones is a great bonus.

shbullet’s Android app connects with Chrome for ndows, OS X, Chrome OS, nux. The update is working its way through the ay Store. This follows a recent Material Design makeover the addition of customized channels, which sites can use to ping you with article updates.

The impact on you: You really should be using shbullet. Yes, you have similar functionality with Hangouts, but only if using your Voice number for SMS. Hangouts mixes it all together with your other instant messages voicemails, so it’s still rather unpolished. shbullet has the right touch of simple, streamlined utility.