Calendar gets smarter with automatic events, ione version coming

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 3 Nov 2014

Calendar is becoming a closer companion to Gmail by automatically pulling in events from users’ inboxes.

The latest update exps on Gmail’s ability to recognize confirmation emails for flight reservations, concert tickets, restaurant reservations. In addition to showing up in Now, these events will also start appearing in Calendar. This feature is enabled by default, users will get a confirmation email the first time it happens. It can be disabled through Calendar settings.

The update also adds auto-complete suggestions for new events. For instance, users who start typing the word “Birthday” will see things like “Birthday dinner” or “Birthday party for…” as suggestions. Users can also see suggested contact names addresses as they type.


The new Calendar shows suggested people, places events as users type.

is giving its Agenda view a visual overhaul as well. Now known as Schedule view, this list of upcoming events is more aesthetically pleasing with illustrations, location photos, map previews.

The update is available now for devices running Android 5.0 llipop (such as the new Nexus 9 tablet) will arrive on devices running Android 4.1 lly Bean or higher in the coming weeks. is also promising to launch a native version of Calendar for the ione. That makes sense, as it’s the only way ione users would be able to enjoy the new features.

y this matters: It’s hard to remember the last time Calendar received a substantial feature update like this, but falls in line with the recent launch of Inbox. Both are an attempt to build upon the old, baseline experience with things like automated actions smart suggestions. It’s another sign that wants all of its services working more closely together, thus making it harder to live without any of them.