llet updated with gift card management, free money sending

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 16 Jul 2014

llet has received an update that might make you want to use it more often. Not only can you now add your own gift cards directly to the app, but you can now request money, send money without a fee. (lapeerhealth) ile hardly game-changing features, it’s still nice to see the app get some real attention. 

The app has allowed users to add their own loyalty programs since earlier this year, but now you can do the same with your gift cards, adding them to the app is just as easy. For select cards, balances can be viewed in real-time you can even be reminded to use your card when you’re near one of the stores.

The ability to send money from llet or Gmail has been around for a while, but the latest update eliminates the fee involved with the process, which is a big win for anyone that frequently uses the feature. 

In addition to sending money fee-free, llet now officially allows users to request money as well. stly, the app now supports Spanish.

The service has a ways to go if is trying to compete with the likes of yl, but the new features in this update are at least a step closer.

The llet update is now available in the ay Store for Android the App Store for iOS devices.