Xiaomi’s Upcoming Smartphones Might Feature 108-Megapixel Camera Sensors

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 2 Sep 2019

Mi A3 Rear Camera

Smartphone camera megapixel race is ongoing for several years. It began with the modest Nokia smartphones of yesteryears and now companies like Xiaomi and Huawei seem to be leading the pack. According to a new report, Xiaomi’s future lineups will come equipped with a primary camera of the 108-Megapixel sensor.

Xiaomi is speculated to be working on four new devices codenamed Tucana, Draco, Umi, and cmi. In all likelihood, Xiaomi will add the new Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX sensors. Samsung claims that the new sensor is capable of absorbing a greater amount of light with the help of Tetracell pixel merging technology. Furthermore, the smaller pixels when stitched together will offer 27-megapixel images. Meanwhile, Xiaomi is working on upgrading the Mi Gallery app so that it can support 108-megapixel photos.

That being said, both Xiaomi and Samsung are tight-lipped about the 108-megapixel sensors. However, last month Samsung had claimed that it is ready to mass-produce the new sensors and we just hope that they are on track. XDADevelopers believes that none of the new devices are Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. Previous rumors have hinted at a Bright HMX sensor for Mi Mix 4, however, the same is not corroborated by other reliable sources. On a brighter note, Xiaomi has officially teased a Mi Branded device with a 108-Megapixel sensor.

Our Take

We need to understand that megapixels are not the only factor that determines how good/bad the camera is. Google’s Pixel lineup and iPhones are examples of how smartphone imagery can be enhanced by striking a perfect blend between software and hardware. We have also witnessed identical camera sensors perform vary in different devices. Next time you are out shopping for a smartphone do bear in mind, the megapixel number is not the whole story.

[via XDADevelopers]