WhatsApp Testing Messages That Disappear after 90 Days

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 19 Aug 2021

WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock

Lately WhatsApp has been working on slew of new features. Earlier this week the company announced a feature that lets you transfer chat history between iPhone and Android. WhatsApp is also working on new multi-device support. The latest WhatsApp feature is ephemeral messages. Once viewed these messages disappear after 90 days.

WhatsApp is currently testing a message expiry option on the beta channel. In other words, you can choose when to auto delete messages between 1-90 days. The above screenshot shows off menu for Disappearing messages. Interestingly you can toggle it off or choose between 24 hours/7days/90 days time frame. All the messages will disappear or rather auto deleted after the set time.

It is good to see that WhatsApp lets you set the timing to 90 days. This way you will no longer have to delete individual messages and instead use the disappearing messages feature. The new DisAppearing feature is spotted on Android beta version Typically, WhatsApp takes weeks and sometimes months to perfect new features on beta and release it to the main build. We are not sure when Disappearing Messages will finally be available on WhatsApp.

The recently launched feature allows you to transfer chat history between iPhone and Android. The lack of interporebality between platforms was one of the biggest issues faced by WhatsApp users. Typically users had to rely on paid third party services to transfer WhatsApp chat history between iPhone and Android. Furthermore, the multi device support lets you use the messaging service on multiple devices. Most importantly you no longer have to depend on Android phone for WhatsApp web.

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