Upcoming WhatsApp Update Will Make It Easier to Control Who Joins Larger Groups

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 16 Jun 2022

WhatsApp unsplash

Joining WhatsApp groups using an invite link is pretty straightforward. You can just click on the link shared by an existing group member, and you’ll be added to the member list. Following in the footsteps of larger, group-centric instant messaging (IM) platforms, WhatsApp could introduce a feature so admins can approve or deny requests to join a group through the invite link.

According to a recent WABetaInfo report, WhatsApp will soon introduce this feature as an option for chat groups on the platform. The feature will be an optional extra, and administrators will need to turn it on. Once switched on by one admin, the group chat will be notified of the changed settings. All the other group administrators will be able to choose who can enter the group using an invite link.

WhatsApp group invite approval

As an admin managing a group with this new feature turned on, you will be notified every time someone wants to join the conversation. All the pending requests to enter will be consolidated in one place.

Within WhatsApp, the feature is called “group membership approval.” It will be a valuable asset to large groups where limiting access is an important part of ensuring the conversations stay private.

Additionally, WABetaInfo notes that six new gender-neutral emojis are being added as a part of this upcoming update. The emoji have different skin tones and hair colors, so users can pick and choose whichever suits them best. The exact release date for this interesting WhatsApp update remains unclear.

[Via WABetaInfo]