WhatsApp Call Links Make Joining a Call Easier

BY Ronil

Published 27 Sep 2022

WhatsApp Call Links

WhatsApp has announced a new Call Links feature, rolling out this week. The name is self-explanatory: you can create a video or voice call link and share it with your WhatsApp contact, who can jump onto that call by tapping on the link. It works for every WhatsApp user, meaning even someone whose phone number you haven’t saved on your handset can join the call by clicking on the link. Thus, the only requirement to use it is to have a WhatsApp account.

September 26 morning saw Mark Zuckerberg announce this brand-new WhatsApp Call Links feature via a Facebook post. Call Links are in the process of rolling out, and you’ll witness it on the app by the end of this week, says the post. Further, Zuckerberg also revealed WhatsApp’s developer team is examining secure encrypted video calling for up to 32 people – and promised to share more details soon.

Of course, none of those two upcoming features is new for video and voice conferencing apps. Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet allowed you to do the same for a while now. However, these platforms might not be ideal/easy-to-use for everyone. WhatsApp is an instant messaging app with a vast user base, so these functionalities’ introduction makes joining a call hassle-free, especially with a larger group.

Recently, WhatsApp released an option to delete a text for everyone for group admins and react to a message with an emoji. Meanwhile, it’s experimenting with things like communities, larger file sharing capability, an edit message button, undo a deleted text option, and many more in the beta version.

While WhatsApp is on a testing spree to bring many handy features to the platform, it still has to catch up to Telegram in many areas. Almost all functionalities that WhatsApp is screening in beta are already available on Telegram.