What’s New in Android 7.1.1 Nougat

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 24 Nov 2016

Google Pixel XL - rear view

Yesterday, Google started rolling out the Android 7.1.1 update for its Pixel smartphones. The update is yet to be rolled out widely and only seems to be available for Pixel owners in Canada. 

Google has not released any official change-log of the update so we will have to rely on the changes noted by Pixel owners out there to know what changes Google has introduced in Android 7.1.1. At first glance, the minor bump in Android version might indicate that this is a small release but that is not the case. Android 7.1.1 on the Pixel brings introduces much-needed features. Below is a look at all the changes introduced in the update:

➤ The update finally introduces double tap to wake functionality on the Pixel and Pixel XL. Google had already previously confirmed that it would be adding the feature to its Pixel handsets through a future software update. You can enable double tap to wake functionality on your Pixel by going to Settings -> Moves.

➤ Android 7.1.1 also reintroduces Ambient Display functionality on the Pixels albeit under a new name and with a slightly different implementation. Dubbed “Lift to check phone,” the feature will automatically light up the screen of your Pixel when you pick it up if you have any unread notification. The screen is turned on in a low-power grayscale mode to have minimal impact on battery life.

➤ The 263MB update also contains a new kernel and baseband that should help in fixing the Band 5 connectivity issues that many Pixel owners have complained about.

Other minor changes in Android 7.1.1 update include some bug fixes and a fix for the halo issue plaguing the camera of the Pixels. However, its unconfirmed if the latter issue has been fully solved with the update or not.

If you have noticed any other changes in Android 7.1.1 on your Nougat, do drop a comment and let us know about it.