Three UK customers can now roam in the US for free

BY Gautam Prabhu

Published 4 Dec 2013


Here’s some good news for Three UK’s customers who travel to the U.S.

The UK based carrier has announced that it is extending its Feel at Home offering to four new countries including the U.S.

Three is extending its Feel at Home offering to US, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Macau. This means that customers will be able to use their call, text and mobile data allowance in the US and the other countries. You don’t have to worry about roaming charges when you’re in these countries.

Three launched its Feel at Home offering back in August, and has been available in Republic of Ireland, Australia, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong, Sweden and Denmark.

In case you’re wondering, if you’re a Three customer and visit the U.S., you will automatically roam on AT&T and T-Mobile’s network.

Three has also confirmed that it has started rolling out its 4G network in London, Birmingham and Manchester, which will allow Three customers in these cities to access the 4G network at no extra cost. Three has announced that it plans to rollout its 4G network in 50 cities by the end of 2014 and 98% of the population by the end of 2015.

Hats off to Three for the customer-friendly move and doing away with exorbitant international roaming. Let’s hope that this puts pressure on other carriers to move in this direction. Until then Three seems like the ideal carrier if you’re in the U.K, and travel to these countries frequently.

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