Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Rumors Point to 6.4-Inch Display and 4,000mAh Battery

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 11 Apr 2018

Galaxy Note 8

With the Galaxy S9 receiving less than stellar response, Samsung is now focusing on its next major flagship: the Galaxy Note 9. While previous Galaxy Note handsets have been based on the company’s flagship Galaxy S handset from earlier this year, the Korean company is looking to improve the Note 9 in some aspects to help it better stand out.

For the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung went with a 6.3-inch display which was just 0.1-inch bigger than the display found on the Galaxy S8+. With the Note 9, Samsung is looking to increase the display size to 6.4-inch to further differentiate the two devices. Samsung could potentially achieve this increase in display size by simply reducing the bezels on the Note 9 like it did on the Galaxy S9 and S9+ this year.

Potential Galaxy Note 9 owners will be happier after reading about rumors of the battery capacity of the handset. Samsung is apparently planning on using a gigantic 4000mAh battery inside its upcoming flagship Note. Initially, the Note devices were always known for their stellar battery life but over the last 2-3 years, that has no longer been the case. The Galaxy Note 8, for example, features a 3300mAh battery which is 200mAh smaller than the battery found in the Galaxy S8+. And this is despite the Note coming with a bigger display and more RAM which consume more power.

With the Note 9, Samsung is looking to change things and use a beefy 4000mAh battery. Since the device will have a design similar to that of the S9, it remains to be seen how Samsung will fit in a substantially bigger battery in it. There’s a possibility that the switch to an in-display fingerprint scanner on the Note 9 will free up enough internal space for Samsung to use such a large battery. There’s also another rumor floating around which points to the Note 9 featuring a 3850mAh battery.

Our Take

The Note 9 is still at least 4-5 months away from its launch so Samsung still has some time on its hand before it decides the final battery capacity and other specs of the device. Nonetheless, if the company ends up going with the 4000mAh battery, the Note 9 should offer pretty stellar battery life which should please a lot of former Note owners who loved its battery life.

[Via SamMobile]