Rumored ChromeOS-Android Merger Is Not Happening, Says Hiroshi Lockheimer

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 13 Dec 2016

Squashing rumors of Android and ChromeOS merger codenamed Andromeda, Google’s VP of Android, Chrome OS, and Play Hiroshi Lockheimer has said in an episode of All About Android podcast that there is “no point” in merging both OS’es for the company.

He further adds that both operating systems are successful and that the company wants to ensure that “both sides benefit from each other.” Talking further about the merger, Lockheimer says that we will see a lot more of ChromeOS features coming to Android and vice versa, but there will be no merger.

You’ll see a lot more of that happening, where we’re sort of cross-pollinating,” Lockheimer says. “But not, sort of, a merge.”

Before Google unveiled the Pixel in October this year, there were plenty of rumours about the company announcing a ChromeOS-Android merger at the event. In fact, it was reported at one point that Google is working on an ultra-thin Pixel 3 laptop running Andromeda due to be launched in Q3, 2017. However, the event went by with Google not even mentioning anything about Andromeda. Now, Lockheimer has further confirmed in the podcast that the rumored ChromeOS-Android merger is not going to happen, but instead, we are going to see the best features of both operating systems come to each other.

[Via Phandroid, All About Android]