Rumor: LG to launch a 6.4 inch phone

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 16 Sep 2013

Everything you can do, I can (try and fail) to do better. That seems to be LG’s motto when it comes to Samsung. Remember when Samsung launched the Mega 6.3? You should, because I reviewed it. According to AndroidSAS, LG is going to take that template and come out with an even larger 6.4 inch phone. Unlike the Mega, however, LG is going to load their beast phablet with the highest end specs this planet has ever seen.

If the leaked information is accurate, then you can expect a screen that’s sharper than 1080p, but not quite WQXGA, which is 2560×1440. The exact figure cited is 418 pixels per inch by the way; no specific resolution was mentioned. Under the hood there’s supposed to be a Snapdragon 800, 3 GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera, and it should be powered by Android 4.4 KitKat.

Will this thing be popular? Circling back to my Mega 6.3 review, I damn near fell in love with the phone, but ended up coming to the conclusion that it was slightly too large. If it was 6.1 inches or 6.0 inches, I would’ve bought one. So with that same line of thinking, 6.4 inches is a bit too much for my hipster skinny jeans.

But hey, maybe it’s awesome for you! Let’s wait and see until this device is official.