Report: Google to launch new affiliate program for Google Play content

BY Killian Bell

Published 11 Aug 2015


Google is planning to launch a new affiliate program that will allow partners to earn commission by linking to content on Google Play, according to a new report. Plans are said to be in the early stages, but it’s thought Google will launch the program with support for movies and music initially.

The program, which is said to be powered by Performance Horizon Group, the same company that powers Apple’s affiliate programs for digital content, will later be extended to support apps and even hardware sold through the Google Store as well, 9to5Google reports.

“When we reached out to Performance Horizon Group inquiring about the existence of any soon-to-launch Play Store affiliate program with Google, the company responded by thanking us for reaching out regarding “the Google Play affiliate program,” and CC’d “Google Play’s affiliate team” to provide additional information on the matter,” reads the report from Tom Maxwell.

Google affiliate program would allow website owners to earn a small commission on Google Play content purchases by referring visitors to the Play Store. The company has offered an affiliate program before called Google Affiliate Network, but it was closed in 2013 so Google could focus on other products, and it did not give partners the opportunity to earn commission on digital content.

Now it’s thought Google is planning to match Apple’s affiliate program with a new service, but there’s currently no word on when it might be available.