Project Ara devices arriving in early 2015 with a price tag as low as $50

BY Valerie Richardson

Published 27 Feb 2014

Project Ara

The Project Ara modular concept was announced in October last year by Motorola and Google. However, with Motorola being sold to Lenovo, there was a some uncertainty over the future of this project. Google has now made it clear that the company is still behind it and has also announced a developer conference in April which will be live-streamed for the world audience.

The goal of this conference is to get more developers and customers aware to the idea of Ara, which in Google’s words will target the world’s 5 billion population. Along with this announcement, Google has also made it clear that devices based on Ara could cost as low as $50 with barebones hardware such as a touchscreen, Wi-Fi chip, battery etc.

This device will also come built-in with an app to suggest what other modules can be added. The company plans to open kiosks around the country with these units where several other components like the camera modules, processors, storage chips etc will be sold as well. Google plans to bring these devices to the market by early 2015, although no specific time frame was mentioned.

Source: TIME

Via: Android Community