Google Pixel Watch Alarms Aren’t Doing the One Job They’re Supposed to Do: Wake You on Time

BY Ronil

Published 6 Mar 2023

Google Pixel Watch

In today’s modern era, many use their smartwatch’s alarm to wake up at the set time. Whether it’s Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 series, or the Google Pixel Watch, they all come with an alarm feature. The Pixel Watch uses Google’s Clock app, which is also the default clock app for the company’s Pixel line of smartphones. However, a Pixel Watch bug is making the alarm go off later than the set time.

Many Pixel Watch users on Reddit are complaining about the alarm going off at incorrect times. For some, it’s sounding off up to 10 minutes later than programmed, and in some selected cases, it’s going off early than when it’s supposed to.

While most of the users are reporting this issue with morning alarms, one says they had the same problem with a 7 PM alarm. Folks over at 9to5Google speculate that Bedtime Mode is the culprit behind this, something related to the device being in ‘deep sleep.’ Bedtime Mode turns off the tap-to-wake, always-on display, and notifications functionality so the smartwatch won’t disturb you in the middle of the night.

It is unclear if Google is aware of the issue since there aren’t any reports in the Pixel Watch Help community or the Google Issue Tracker. Despite owning Fitbit, the big G hasn’t implemented its Smart Wake on its Pixel wearable, which learns your slumbering movement to detect when you move from deep to light sleep. It then finds the best way to wake you up, starting 30 minutes before the alarm time you have set.

Hopefully, Google will fix this issue soon for its wearable device owners. However, until then, you might want to set a backup alarm if you’re currently using the Pixel Watch to wake you up in the morning.

Via: 9to5Google