Motorola’s new Moto X isn’t launching on the Sprint network

BY Evan Selleck

Published 18 Sep 2014

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With multiple carriers to choose from all over the world, the best scenario would be that every flagship or hero device would launch on all of them. If not at the same time, then at least eventually. For any Sprint subscribers out there hoping that they’d be able to pick up Motorola’s new Moto X (which was announced earlier this month), the news isn’t too positive.

As it stands right now, only AT&T and Verizon have announced their support for the new Moto X at this point. T-Mobile, technically, supports the unlocked GSM variant, but the carrier hasn’t announced any plans to launch the device. Sprint, at the same time, hasn’t made any announcements of its own, either. For subscribers to the Now Network, that silence may have been getting frustrating. So one subscriber decided to reach out to Motorola’s official Twitter account and seek some answers.

image Motorola Sprint Moto X tweet

Unfortunately, the response isn’t great news. According to Motorola Mobility, the new Moto X isn’t going to launch on Sprint’s network. Unfortunately, no other details were provided in the tweet, so it just looks like we can only expect, for now, not to see Motorola’s new hero device on the Now Network anytime soon.

Were you hoping to pick up the new Moto X on Sprint’s network?

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