LG’s Smartphone Share Hit a New Record in the US

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 8 May 2017

LG’s smartphone business might be struggling across the world, but in the US, the Korean company’s market share has hit an all-time high of 20 percent. The latest data from Strategy Analytics suggest that LG shipped 7.3 million smartphones in the US alone in Q1, 2017 thereby making it the third largest OEM in the country.

The strong sales of LG handsets were led by its mid-range X and K series handsets and premium flagship devices like the V20. LG expects Q2, 2017 to be even better for it despite the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 as its flagship smartphone — the G6 — also went on sale in the US towards the end of March. The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco also helped in boosting the sales of LG V20.

“It’s been one month since the new model hit the US market, and so far we are hearing positive reactions,” said the LG official said. “Durability and safety will be the focus of US marketing for the G6 smartphone.”

LG’s overall smartphone shipment was just a wee bit behind Samsung which shipped 9 million smartphones. The lower than usual shipments of the South Korean company can be attributed to the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco and the delayed launch of the Galaxy S8.

While LG’s smartphone shipments in the US will benefit from the launch of the G6 in Q2, 2017, it’s likely that the handset will be overshadowed by Samsung’s Galaxy S8 which has seen an unprecedented demand among US consumers.

[Via Korea Herald]