LG G5 Sales Stronger than Expected in South Korea on Launch Day

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 1 Apr 2016


Citing sources from the industry, The Korea Herald says that LG sold 15,000 units of the LG G5 on the very first day the handset going on sale in the country i.e. on March 31. This is significantly higher than the LG G4, which sold a mere 5,000 units on its launch day.

Another industry source told the publication that the number could have been slightly higher if KT Corp., South Korea’s second largest mobile operator, had not suffered a network outage for a few hours. To meet the demand, LG has also shifted to a 24-hour production schedule in its factories.

Considering that the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are also already on sale in South Korea, LG selling 15,000 units of the G5 on launch day is nothing to scoff at.

Many analysts expect LG to ship around 10 million units of the G5 in 2016, far higher than the G4 and on par with the LG G3 that was released in 2014.

The LG G5 sets itself apart from other high-end Android devices in the market with its somewhat modular design, which makes it possible to expand the functionality of the handset by using various modules dubbed ‘Friends’ by LG. The G5 is also the first high-end flagship handset from LG to feature an all-metal body, something that its competitors have been offering for quite sometime now.

[Via Korea Herald]