LG G3 will not feature Qi wireless charging in the United States and Korea

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 2 Jun 2014

LG G3 Colors

When LG announced the G3 late last month, it stated that the device would be coming with Qi charging built-in as well. What the company, however, failed to mention was the fact that this feature will not be available on any of the G3 variants that would be sold in the United States and Korea.

Apparently, LG’s agreements with carriers in these markets prevent it from including Qi charging on the G3. Worry not though, as you can always buy the QuickCircle cover to add Qi wireless charging feature to your handset, when it hits your local retail store sometime next month.

LG had already confirmed that the G3 would be available sometime in July with most retailers across the U.K and Europe already taking pre-orders for the handset. Now, LG has confirmed that the July 1st is the official release date of the handset in the U.K followed by a launch in Europe sometime later in July.

The LG G3 is easily among the most remarkable and impressive devices released this year and includes many unique features including a 5.5-inch QHD display and a LaserAF sensor.

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