Kickstarter Kickoff: Snooperscope promises to add night vision to your Android device

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 10 Dec 2013

It’s Monday, which means it is time to kickoff the week with a profile of a compelling Kickstarter project for Android owners. This week’s project is the Snooperscope Night Vision module from PSY Corporation. The Snooperscope is an add-on for a smartphone or tablet that’ll bring a form of night vision to these devices. Similar to a security camera, the module uses infrared light to allow you to see in very low light conditions. It works by bouncing IR light off objects in the dark and converting this reflection into a visible image. I’ve used this IR technology with a home security camera that I have, and it’s impressive what you can see, even in complete darkness.

The module attaches to the back of a device using a special magnet and illuminates the area in front of you (33 feet range) with IR light. It then sends photos and videos of the dark environment to your Android device via a WiFi connection. Battery-powered, the Snooperscope lasts about four hours on a single charge.

The applications for a portable night scope like this are numerous. You can use it to sneak into a child’s room at night to see if they are sleeping or look for passing animals while you are camping overnight. Snooperscope will launch in the first half of 2014 and will retail for about $99. It’s available on Kickstarter now for £43 ($70). You can see how it works in the videos below.