Google updates Glass hardware, now ships with 2GB of RAM

BY Evan Selleck

Published 24 Jun 2014

image Google Glass update

With Google I/O right around the corner, it’s no surprise that Google would be issuing some finer details out before the keynote on Wednesday, June 25. We’ve already heard we’re going to see the next major version of Android unveiled at the event, and now it looks like an update to Glass’s hardware has been in the works as well.

In a Google+ update posted earlier today, Google confirmed that while the Explorer Program has been a hit so far, and that Google has issued plenty of updates in the past year, they’re not resting on their laurels. The Mountain View-based company spoke briefly about the updates they’ve released in the past year to the previous versions of Glass, which include a 20% increase to battery life, making voice search 10% faster, and the addition of new frames, prescription support, as well as shades.

Now, though, the company has confirmed some changes needed to be made to Glass itself. This new update is meant specifically for the hardware, and includes an increase in the included RAM. Now Glass will ship with 2GB of RAM, instead of the 1GB in the previous models. You’ll also get a new and improved way to frame your camera shots, just by saying, “Okay Glass, show the viewfinder.” As is represented in the image above, you’ll see four “L” shapes appear in the corners, which should make framing your shots so much easier.

So, anyone who buys Glass now will see these updates, but we’re sure we’ll see plenty of new things for all Glass owners soon. Are you using Glass now, or are you waiting for the price to drop?

[via Google+]