Google Shopping Starts Offering Price Tracking, Offline Store Pricing Details, More

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 3 Oct 2019

google shopping

Google has been revamping its services and also offering new services like Google Places. Earlier this year Google Express became Google Shopping and the website was overhauled in July. Now Google has started offering new tools and features to help you shop.

New Google Shopping Experience

Google aims at helping its users keep track of deals and improve the overall buying experience. Most importantly Google is also tracking prices on offline stores. This way you can get the best deal by comparing both online and offline prices. As part of the new shopping experience, Google has come up with a personalized homepage.

On this page you can see product suggestions and as expected the sections are curated to suit your preferences.

Price tracking

google shopping price tracking

Be it flight tickets or your favorite smartphone, it is very important to track the price before buying. With the update you can simply turn on “price track” and you will get a notification whenever the price of the product drops or goes below a certain point. Perhaps, the holiday season is a good excuse to check out this feature.

Local stores and Nearby Filters

Until now Google used to serve results from online stores. With the update, Google Shopping will let you filter for nearby products and also check out the offline price. Furthermore, you can also find out whether the product you want to buy is in stock or not at the offline store.

Google Guarantee

Online shopping comes with its own drawbacks. Typically we use major ecommerce destinations like Amazon for our purchases. However, in some cases, we may buy products from lesser-known stores. Google is giving the guarantee and seal of approval for such products. Not only can you rely on Google for customer service but also refunds and returns.

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