Google releases standalone Docs and Sheets apps

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 30 Apr 2014


Google has just released two new apps on the Play Store — Docs and Sheets. Both these services are a part of Google Drive but it looks like the company is breaking them into standalone apps to help them make more recognisable to general users.

Right now, these standalone apps don’t offer anything new over the Google Drive app except for a different colour scheme. However, expect things to change drastically with time with the Drive app becoming defunct down the line. 

Unlike the Drive app though, these apps work offline but still sync with it to show all your documents saved on the cloud. In their current state, the apps offer the ability to create, edit, view and save documents and spreadsheets locally or on the cloud.


The apps are also available for download on the iOS App Store. Google will also be releasing a standalone app for Slides at a later date. If you don’t head over to download the app now, you will be automatically prompted to download them over the next few days when you open the Drive app.

Microsoft and Apple already offer free standalone apps on their devices for users to edit and create documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Download: Google Docs, Google Sheets

[Via The Verge]