Google Now Launcher Search Widget Adds Transparent Sub-Widget

BY Evan Selleck

Published 12 Oct 2016


Google loves its widgets, and for anyone using the Google Now Launcher on their Android device, there’s a new widget to take note of.

That is, if it’s popped up for you just yet. As revealed by Android Police, Google appears to be rolling out a brand new, transparent “sub-widget” for the Google Now Launcher’s standard search widget. The report indicates Google has been testing the idea for awhile, server-side, but has apparently begun rolling out to a wider audience now.

As the images above show, there’s a brand new transparent sub-widget just below the search widget. The screenshots show details for “Time to work” and the weather. The report states that the transparent sub-widget can probably show more data based on Google Now cards. Activating the sub-widget will open Google Now and immediately scroll down the applicable card for the information presented.

Swiping the card away in Google Now will dismiss the sub-widget, and users can also dismiss it by touching the “X” on the right of the bar.


“If the option hasn’t been automatically enabled for you or you’d like to see if you have the option, go to your Google app’s settings. If Google has deemed you worthy of this new feature, you’ll see an appropriately named option under Search called Widget. From there, you’ll be able to toggle it on and enjoy not having to swipe to the Now pane to view weather, commute, and local info.”

The new feature is apparently rolling out now, so if you use the Google Now Launcher, keep an eye out for it.

What do you think? A useful feature, or something you’ll never pay any attention to?

[via Android Police]