Google Maps Now Saves Your Parking Info

BY Evan Selleck

Published 26 Apr 2017

Getting from one place to the next, and finding cool things to do at your destination, has always been the staple of Google Maps.

But sometimes you need a little help remembering where you park when you get to wherever it is you’re going. Google Maps now (finally) supports this feature. The company has announced that Google Maps will now save your parking information, giving you some peace of mind as you wander around some unfamiliar territories.

“For Android users, tap the blue dot and then tap “Save your parking” to add your parking location to the map. You’ll see a label on the map itself identifying where you parked your car. Tap on that label to open up your parking card, where you can add additional details about your parking spot. You can add a note like “level 3, spot 35,” add the amount of time left before the meter expires (and even get a reminder alert 15 minutes before it does), save an image of your parking spot, and send your parking location to friends.”

The ability to add additional information to your parking spot, like the exact parking area, and which level, is certainly a nice bonus. Plus, being able to share that info with friends or family members, just in case the need to meet up at the car arises, is also a nice bonus.

The new feature also works for iOS users.

[via Google Blog]