Google demos ability to connect your phone to a TV over the internet, forgets Nokia did it first

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 27 Sep 2013

Researchers at Google are demoing something new called “Open Project” to the public. The technology is really simple to understand. Take a television that’s connected to the internet, make it render a QR code, use your phone to scan said QR code, and now your phone can use that television as a jumbo display. Sounds awesome, right? It is, and I loved the concept when Nokia did the same demo in November 2012.

How does Google’s project differ from Nokia’s project? After watching the demo (above), it appears that the only thing Google has added is motion tracking. Once your phone connects to a television, the television renders a funky looking rectangle that your phone’s camera then uses so it can act as a big computer mouse.

Will technology like “Open Project” and Nokia “PhotoBeamer” ever become mainstream? This is a tricky question to answer. Most televisions being sold today come with some sort of internet connectivity, but no one really knows how many of those televisions are actually being connected. That and what happens if people just end up buying an Apple TV or Chromecast?

Connected screens will become a thing, I can feel it in my bones, and the demos that are being done today, while crude, exist to get people thinking about what kind of neat things can you do if you can connect your phone to any display.