Gmail for Android getting a new look today

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 25 Sep 2013

Google has just announced that beginning today they’re going to push out an update to Gmail for Android that introduces a new user interface based on the card UI model you’re probably already familiar with if you’ve ever opened up Google Now. I can’t see the update on my Note II, but I’m sure it’ll get pushed to my device and your device eventually.

What do I mean by Google Now inspired? Think cards. Free floating boxes. Think the newly designed Google Play Store. That’s what the new Gmail will eventually look like. Google also says there’s going to be an easier way to select multiple message, though that’s obviously difficult for me to comment on without the app installed.

My only question is when will Android get the Google Now redesign? For those who missed it, some young buck designer uploaded a video of a concept of Android 5.0 a few days ago that’s been spreading like wildfire. Personally, I hate concept art since it fills people up with false hope, but the guy does have a point. More and more of Google’s designs are moving to this box like interface, so why not make the whole UI box like?