Final Developer Preview release of Android M delayed

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 31 Jul 2015

Android M

A Google Developer today took to Google Plus to announce that the release of third and final Developer Preview release of Android M by Google will be delayed.

Since this will be a “near final” release of Android M, Google wants to take make sure that there are no major bugs or issues present in the underlying system before rolling it out.

A near final release will allow developers to better optimise and tweak their apps to perform and behave nicely in Android M without worrying about any major underlying changes being made to the final version of the OS that may cause compatibility issues.

Android M Developer Preview 3 delayed

When Google had released the first Developer Preview of Android M, it had provided a timeframe as to when developers and advanced users should expect an update for the preview builds. The first update to the preview was released in the second week of July, with the third and “near final” update scheduled to be rolled out sometime in late July.

This delay does not in anyway indicates that the final release of Android M, which is scheduled for sometime in September/Q3, has been delayed.

[Via +Wojtek Kaliciński]