Google starts teasing Android M dessert in new video

BY Evan Selleck

Published 14 Aug 2015

Android M teaser

When Google introduced Android M earlier in 2015, the company chose to withhold the dessert title at the time. Of course, that got people guessing even harder just what Android M would be called.

There have been plenty of guesses, but up until this point Google has been tight-lipped about what their next iteration of Android would actually be called. Now, though, the official Android Twitter account has published a quick music video, which is entirely focused on ramping up the Android M hype train. The video lasts just over a minute, and while it doesn’t necessarily give any outright hints at what Android M will be called, Google isn’t afraid to drop some ideas, at least.

Google’s own suggestions include Milkshake, Malt Ball, M&M, Moon Pie, and Mocha. Considering Google has used a name brand dessert in the past (KitKat), M&M doesn’t seem as ridiculous as some might suggest.

You can see the video below. Which dessert do you hope Android picks up this time around?

[via @Android]