Next version of Android is called ‘Marshmallow’

BY Evan Selleck

Published 17 Aug 2015

Android Marshmallow

While there was plenty of speculation leading up to today’s reveal on the Google campus, it is now confirmed: Android M is forever known as Android Marshmallow!

Leading up to today’s reveal, Google had teased the reveal of Android M in a couple of ways. The first was a nice little video published to YouTube that ran through plenty of options, including Milkshake, M&Ms and other desserts. Marshmallow had been one contender, to be sure, but some were seemingly convinced that Google would go with Milkshake for the newest name for Android.

That belief continued to earlier today, when the next Android statue was rolled out into the front area of the Google campus, where the other iterations have been posted for years, and what looked like a large milkshake under a curtain was rolled out. However, it’s now been confirmed to be the Android mascot holding a large marshmallow!

So, there you have it. It’s Android Marshmallow. What do you think of the choice?

[via @davey_burke]