As expected, Vevo says no to offline YouTube

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 23 Sep 2013


Last week, Google semi-announced that offline support would be coming to the company’s YouTube apps. They didn’t detail how exactly offline support would work, but that information leaked courtesy of AllThingsD. Here’s what you need to know in one sentence: You’ll be able to download any video on YouTube and keep it on your phone for 48 hours unless a content creator specifically says their content can’t be cached.

Which brings me to Vevo, which can best be described as the music video people on YouTube. They’ve told Variety magazine that they’re not going to play along with Google and will be among the (hopefully few) content creators out there who opt out of offline playback.

The sad thing is that this is just going to drive music video piracy. You know as well as I do that every popular YouTube video is downloaded illegally off the site and then re-uploaded to another YouTube channel that’ll be filled to the brim with ads. So if you can’t download your favorite Katy Perry video to take with you on your 35 minute subway ride to work, chances are you’ll be able to find it anyway.

And that just sucks for the artists, who depend on views to get paid and what not.

[Via: Engadget]