How does Cortana fare in comparison with Google Now and Siri?

BY Valerie Richardson

Published 15 Apr 2014

Cortana Comparison

Microsoft’s latest voice assistant service dubbed as Cortana has been widely discussed on forums ever since it was shown off a few weeks ago. A new video by the folks at WP Central now compares the latest voice assistant in town with Android’s Google Now and Siri from iOS to ascertain which one comes out on top.

Expectedly, Siri and Cortana handle native tasks like controlling the WiFi toggle quite comfortably, while Google Now excels in areas like navigation, web search etc. Cortana can even handle tasks like checking in via Foursquare and making Skype calls on its own, which is something that Siri cannot do. While Google Now can handle Foursquare check-ins, it only gives out a web result when asked to make a Skype call.

The decent Skype integration on Windows Phone is expected as it’s a native app on the platform since the Microsoft acquisition. But bear in mind that Cortana is still in Beta and not completely accessible outside the U.S., so Siri and Google Now have the edge in that regard.

But considering how well the Beta version of Cortana performs judging by the video below, we’re very hopeful of its chances in the future. The video includes the Nokia Lumia Icon (Verizon) going up against the iPhone 5s and the Moto X.

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