4 CES surprises already teased for Android lovers

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 22 Dec 2016

Update 12/22/16: Added information about ‘s new phones.

As the end of December approaches, visions of sugar plums are dancing in Android fans’ heads as they await the big event. Not tmas—we’re talking about CES 2017. ile there are more rumors than you can shake a stocking at, several companies have already begun to promote their upcoming announcements.

As the n. 5 kickoff date draws ever closer, Android phone maker Asus has teased what looks like two phones set to be unveiled at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in s Vegas. CEO rry Shen has already confirmed that its next ZenFone will be based on ’s oject Tango, the 30-second spot clearly references the AR exploration capabilities of such a hset.

so, T-Mobile has announced that its first Uncarrier event of 2017 (the 13th such announcement) will be held on the first day of CES this year. In a short teaser video, CEO gere simply says, “You’re going to love what’s next,” after dodging a barrage of customers seeking info. evious Uncarrier events have brought free music video streaming, carryover data, , most recently, a stock ownership referral program.

so on tap at CES is a slew of new phones from . ile the company is still being tight-lipped about the follow-up to its flagship G5, it has already announced it will be bringing 4 new K-series hsets the next-generation of its Stylo phablet to the big show. 

htc u invite

HTC sent out a cryptic invite for a post-CES event.

And while HTC will certainly have some goodies to show off at CES, it’s also planning a major announcement after the show. In a cryptic invitation to an event on n. 12, the company simply says it will be unveiling something “For U.” Set against a blue, cloud-swirled background, the white U mirrors the C in HTC’s logo, which is turned on its side.

y this matters: CES doesn’t always deliver when it comes to products you can actually buy, but it’s hard to not get wrapped up in the hype. HTC’s is particularly interesting in that it’s coming after the event, but we’ll be watching T-Mobile to see what goodies are in store for Android phones. And a new Tango phone is pretty exciting, too.