How to change default apps in Android Nougat

The ability to switch up the default browser, SMS app, and other essentials are much easier to find in the latest version of Android.

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One of Android’s strengths is that you can choose a default app for specific actions. You can enable any third-party browser, SMS app, phone, or home screen launcher to be the default app always used for those actions.

The process for changing this has been nicely re-packaged with Android Nougat. To find these controls, go to Settings > Apps. 

all apps

From here touch the cog to get to the default apps section.

Then, touch the cog at the top of the screen. You’ll see a section labeled Default within the Configure apps area.

configure apps

All the default apps are inside of one, easy-to-find section.

There are four different types of apps for which you can set a default: home, browser, phone, and SMS. Touch SMS, for example, and you’ll see different choices. To change to one of these, simply select the new option.

sms app

Switch your SMS app to the one that you want.

You can make the same change for the phone app, browser, or home app (also known as a launcher). Often times when you use one of these apps for the first time it’ll ask if you want to make it the default. So if you change your mind, this is where you need to go in order to switch things around.

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