10 surprising useful ways to use Assistant in lo

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 27 Sep 2016

I’m your Assistant, how may I help you?
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announced its lo chat app back at I/O in the spring. It promised the app would be available later in the summer, it just barely made it. Now that lo is available, it’s plain to see this app exists almost entirely as an excuse to show off ‘s Assistant chatbot. You can invite ‘s AI into your conversations, or talk to it directly, on-on-one. at does that get you, though? Here are 10 cool things you can do with the Assistant in lo that you should know about.

ather from anywhere at any time
google assistant tips weather

There are about a thous ways to find out the current weather where you live. But how about the weather next week? Or next week in a completely different part of the world? at if you have several questions about the weather but you don’t want to do a full search for each one?

You can just ask Assistant about that it’ll provide the relevant data faster because it remembers the context. For example, you can ask, “ll it rain tomorrow?” After getting a reply, you can follow up with, “How about over the weekend?” If you’re planning a trip, you can just ask Assistant about the weather in any location, either now or in the future.

Create calendar appointments reminders
google assistant tips calendar

If you’re making plans with friends over lo (after you’ve convinced them to start using it), Assistant can help you add events to your calendar without leaving the app. st tell Assistant to add an item to your calendar, it’ll ask you for the time, title, if you want to save it. If you say yes, it’s saved. If you say no, Assistant asks if you’d like to make changes or just cancel.

If that’s too formal, Assistant can also create reminders. Tell it to remind you of something, it’ll ask when you want the reminder to happen. Keep in mind, you don’t have to use exact language with Assistant. You can just tell it “tomorrow” or “this evening.”

Send voice messages
google assistant tips voice

lo includes the ability to send voice messages to your contacts, but the Assistant can hear you too. Instead of typing your questions comms, you can send it an audio message. If you’re having a chat only with Assistant, tap the microphone button start talking. If you’re talking to someone else, make sure you tag , then long-press the microphone to record let go when you’re done. Either way you do it, will get your voice message respond to if as if you’d sent text.

Searchable history
google assistant tips search

As you chat with the bot, you will inevitably surface useful information. So, what happens when you need some of that information again? You could ask the question all over again, or you can just search. The Assistant chat ( all other non-Incognito chats) keep a full searchable history.

In the Assistant chat, tap the icon in the upper right corner, which hides an overflow menu button. Tap “Search” type the first few letters of what you want. lo will highlight matching strings in the chat, letting you page through them. 

Share images
google assistant tips images

Assistant can read what you type hear your voice, but it can also see images you send it. It’s able to read barcodes, recognize faces, even identify lmarks in photos you send. You can finally uninstall that ancient barcode scanner app you’ve been using, just send all those to Assistant.  It’s also almost creepily good at recognizing products logos. It’s a great way to get more information about things you come across in real life.

Access your otos
google assistant tips google photos

If you back up your photos to otos (which you should, it’s free), Assistant can page through them at your request. For example, you can ask Assistant to show you photos you’ve taken of certain things like dogs or sunsets. It’s even able to look up photos by the metadata, so you can ask it for photos you took in a specific place or on a particular day. Importantly, you have to specify “my” photos in the request to get it to look in otos. Otherwise, it just looks on the web, which can be useful too.

ay music videos
google assistant tips music videos

Assistant can be used to find music, you don’t even have to leave lo to listen to it. st search for an artist song title, more than likely Assistant will be able to find a YouTube video for it. Tap the video thumbnail a video player will pop up play. You won’t have to go to the YouTube app, but you can use the prefix “ay” when looking for music to have Assistant shoot you over to your default music player app.

google assistant tips subscriptions

You can have Assistant pull up whatever news you want on-dem, but you can also have useful information sent to you automatically on a daily basis. st tell Assistant to “Send me daily” after completing a query.

Assistant will ask for a time, your subscription is all set up. You can subscribe to news, weather, even currency exchange rates. You can see all your subscriptions in Assistant just by asking. If you want to alter one of them, it’s easy—tell Assistant you want to change or cancel one. It’ll ask for the new setting, you’re done.

ay chat games
google assistant tips games

Now that you’ve done useful things with the Assistant, you can just kill some time with a game. st tell the Assistant you’d like to play a game. It offers a few options for classic games like solitaire, games from Doodles, quizzes, chat-based games.

The quiz games are the most structured with multiple topics, difficulty levels, a whole separate interface inside lo. The chat games are rather weird—they’re all based on emoji. You can guess the names of movies spelled out in emoji or reply to riddles in emoji form. 

kes, interesting facts, more
google assistant tips jokes

Okay, enough serious stuff. How about some silly fun? o doesn’t love a good joke? Even bad jokes can be fun when it’s a robot telling them. Such is the case with Assistant, which specializes in “dad jokes.” st ask Assistant to tell you a joke, it’ll let loose with a real knee-slapper. You can also ask for interesting facts or rom fun (usually an amusing YouTube video). If you like any of these, you can ask for another or subscribe.