Android ar 2.0: 20 minutes with ‘s upcoming smartwatch features

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 19 May 2016

Admit it: It’s annoying carrying your smartphone around with you even when you’re just going out for a run, that’s why ’s putting stalone application support into next version of Android ar. got a sneak peak at it from Android ar’s product manager, ff Chang, along with a look at a few other new features coming this fall to Android ar 2.0.

Android ar apps—on their own!

Android ar 2.0 will finally offer support for stalone applications. In our demonstration, Chang loaded a song off of a Spotify playlist using the tch Urbane 2nd ition, which has stalone 3G functionality. The app immediately loaded the song from the cloud started playing it, though we couldn’t hear it because we didn’t have a Bluetooth headset paired up.

Developers who utilize the A can give apps access to the cloud via a Bluetooth, -Fi, or cellular connection, there are other uses for it besides streaming music. For instance, if you’re a runner, apps like Strava will log jogging cycling activity without you having the bring the phone along, then sync up the information when you’re back with your phone—or send it up to the cloud if you’ve got a 3G connection.

Easier correspondence on your wrist

One of the pain points of Android ar for me personally is the fact that I can’t easily reply to an SMS or Facebook message from just the watch alone. However, Android ar 2.0 lets you type out your message with a swipe-enabled keyboard. The keyboard is tiny compared to what you’d use on a phone, may be difficult to use on smaller watch screens, but on the 1.38-inch G tch Urbane 2nd ition it seemed to work fine.

You’re not limited to the keyboard, either. If you like, you can draw out your letters to write a word have Android ar transform it into text. It’s reminiscent of writing on the lm lot back in the day, it’ll make sending a simple message like “Okay” easier to pen.

Information as you immediately need it

th the next version of Android wear, developers will be able to implement an A that displays information from their apps directly on the watch face. For it to work, the watch face developer has to make space for the feature on the watch face itself, the app developers have to allow information to be displayed on the watch face. But if that’s all implemented, you’ll be able to pick choose the apps that notify you as you please.

Coming soon to a wrist near you

In addition to the features mentioned above, Android ar 2.0 will come with a few new interface tweaks a refined version of Fit that will automatically recognize your activities, so it will know when you begin walking or running without you having to manually start an exercise. Android ar 2.0 will be out later this year when Android N officially debuts on the smartphone. You can read more about the features here.