Improved smart burst feature begins rollout to Google Photos

The new interface is more akin to video editing with additional tools for tweaking the animation sequence.

A promised tweak to the way in which Google Photos handles the automatic animation of images, called Smart Burst, is finally starting to roll out.

“Improved burst photo support” was part of the version 1.19 update to Google Photos that hit last week. But that feature has just now begun to show up via a server-side update, as this Android Police report details how you’re able to use a scrubber to move between each of the images included in the burst, much as you would for video editing.

You can then set one of the images as the main photo, keep it separate from the animation, or use it to create an entirely new sequence. The overall process and button placement appears much smoother than the previous version and it could make for some fun collections if you play around with it.

Because it’s a server-side switch, you’ll just have to wait for it to show up for you. I was unable to get this up and running yet, so it’s going to be all about the waiting game. Make sure you have the latest version of Google Photos.

The impact on you: Smart Bursts are a clever way to bring some life to your camera roll. The advantage is you don’t need to be shooting video or use a specific phone to get this to work, as Google Photos does the image compilation automatically. Fire off a series of shots next time you’re somewhere that’s photo-worthy and see what you come up with.

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