Cortana will soon be able to sync up all your Android phone notifications to ndows 10

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 1 Apr 2016

Your Android phone ndows 10 are about to be buddies.

During a session at Microsoft’s Build developer conference, the company shared that digital assistant Cortana will one day be able to replicate notifications from your Android phone to a ndows 10 . 

You’ll even be able to dismiss them, which would liberate you from the need to constantly fiddle with your phone while you’re working at your . According to a report from the conference, Cortana will access these user notifications through its own cloud then push them over to ndows 10. esumably this would enable you to receive the same alert on multiple devices then dismiss all of them at once. 

No timeline was offered, only that this would be coming to a “future version of ndows.” 

y this matters: There are several good apps that replicate notifications tie your Android phone closer together, like shbullet AirDroid. But native support in ndows would be nice to have, as it would mean one less third-party application to mess with. The tie-in to Cortana could also result in other niceties, as Cortana can give Now Hound a run for their money when it comes to machine learning assistants.